We have been selling Bod Pod machines for the last seven years, with satisfied customers around the country, and Canada.

We sell preowned Bod Pod machines, Three models are available, ST Bod Pod, Bod Pod machine Express, And the Bod Pod machine Gold Standard. Give us a call for units that are available for sale, We guarantee that all units are plug-in ready to go.

Bod Pod machine Gold standard, The Bod Pod machine, Gold Standard comes with a flat-screen, and a CPU, as for the ST, and Express Bod Pods they have a Kiosk for testing.

... at times, when we get a seller wanting to sell a Bod Pod machine, they will have a Bod Pod hauling trailer for sale also, This is a example of one inside

We have been selling preowned Bod Pod machines for the last seven years. We do get sellers that are selling at times their Bod Pod machine hauler, or full inclosed testing trailer. Most of the time we sell the Bod Pod separately or the buyer can purchase as a package.

Contact Greg at 858 453 7770 or 619 863 3434 for availability.